Announcing the Abundance Foundation COVID-19 Response Fund

We are living through unprecedented and uncertain times, with a tsunami of COVID-19 cases approaching the United States and countries throughout the world. Now is the time for collective action and collaboration to address this challenge confronting humanity.

In the midst of this crisis, Abundance Foundation finds itself in a unique position. We are able to rapidly mobilize partners and resources, and have long-standing relationships with world-class institutions and individuals working at the front-lines of clinical care, policy and research. There is a lot at stake, and we need to make sure that our creative and talented colleagues have the resources they need to continue their vital work.

To address this crisis, we launched the Abundance COVID-19 Response Fund. Now, we are asking for your support to expand this fund so we can deploy needed resources to the responders who have the strategies and solutions we need right now. Read on to learn more, and join us in the fight to address this global pandemic by donating now at the link below.

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What we’re funding right now

Leading the research effort, Chief Abundance Partner, epidemiologist Dr. Megan Murray, Director of Harvard Medical School’s Global Health Research Core, is looking to arrest the spread of COVID-19 using BCG, the world’s most widely-used vaccine. Since the 1920’s, BCG has been produced and distributed worldwide for pennies, and can immediately jump to Phase III clinical trials, saving nearly a year compared to newly developed drugs and vaccines. BCG has consistently shown far-reaching benefits against a wide range of infections (e.g. malaria, yellow fever, and various pneumonias), and there is a strong scientific basis for believing it could be effective against COVID-19.

If proven, it would save countless lives.

Abundance has already committed $500,000 to Dr. Murray’s work, with nearly half of that amount focused on her COVID-19 work in Boston, Peru and Taiwan to assess the power of this approach in stopping the spread of the pandemic. However, this is just a fraction of the funds required for this crucial research. This is research that is often hard to fund because there is not as much profit to be made as there are lives to be saved. You can read more from Abundance Foundation’s founder, Dr. Stephen Kahn, about why it’s crucial to support Dr. Murray’s research, which has the potential to change the arc of this global pandemic.

This is where you can make a difference.

Dr. Murray has the scientific and policy chops to change paradigms. She directed the Abundance-funded response to the Ebola epidemic, which proved the accuracy of rapid diagnostic tests that had never before been studied in the field. Along with Chief Abundance Partner, Dr. Louise Ivers, she also proved the efficacy of the Cholera vaccine in the midst of the Haiti epidemic, fundamentally changing how this vaccine was used worldwide. She needs your support now for this new fight against COVID-19.

Finally, in addition to Dr. Murray’s work, front line health care workers in some of the most vulnerable communities battling COVID-19 need resources now. Abundance has existing relationships and the ability to deploy funds to these groups immediately, and will continue to support their work through this fund.

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Thank you for supporting our work, and for standing with all those working to end this unprecedented global pandemic. We will get through this together.