The Abundance Foundation is improving health by treating and preventing disease through medical education and health system strengthening. But we believe that health is more than just the absence of disease; we focus our work at the intersection of both individual and community health. To enable lasting change and support the strength that already exists in communities, the Abundance Foundation is working to build coalitions between partners that create healthy eco-systems and develop the conditions for sustainability. We recognize that it is essential to collaborate with local ministries of health and international NGOs, and believe it is equally important to work hand-in-hand with grassroots groups whose leadership reflects those directly impacted by the problems being addressed. We believe that these collaborative efforts are essential to establishing true resiliency and long-term, sustainable solutions.

Where we Work


Abundance Project for Global Health

Abundance Project for Global Health is an innovative partnership between the Abundance Foundation, ...

Haitian Health Care Capacity Building & Haiti’s Heroes

The Abundance Foundation is improving health in Haiti by treating and preventing disease through ...

Harvard Masters in Global Health Delivery

The Master of Medical Sciences in Global Health Delivery (MMSc-GHD) is a groundbreaking program in ...

Haitian Medicine Residency & Nurse Training Project

The Abundance Foundation is collaborating with Partners In Health and Harvard Medical School to ...

Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program

The Rwanda Human Resources for Health Program was developed by the Rwandan Ministry of Health in ...

Partners In Health

The work of Partners In Health (PIH) has three goals: to care for patients in difficult and resource ...

Harvard Medical School

Under the leadership of its Chair, Dr. Paul Farmer, the Programs in Global Health and Social ...

Global Health Delivery Project

Harvard's Better Evidence Project at Ariadne Labs (formerly known as the Global Health Delivery ...

Global Pediatric Alliance

Every day more than 20, 000 children under 5 die from preventable causes including diarrhea, ...

Global Health Effectiveness

Started in 2009, the Global Health Effectiveness program at Harvard brings together professionals ...