Haitian Medicine Residency & Nurse Training Project

The Abundance Foundation is collaborating with Partners In Health and Harvard Medical School to create a new Family Medicine Residency training program at Hospital St. Nicholas in St. Marc, Haiti. The Project will build capacity and improve physician quality and coverage in the Lower Artibonite area of Haiti by developing physicians, nurses and nurse auxiliaries who are well-trained in family medicine. The Abundance Project for Global Health funds the visiting faculty from Harvard Medical School. Other funding is provided partially by the Clinton-Bush Haiti fund.

The goals for the first three years of the program are:

  • 100 nurses and 35-70 auxiliary nurses will be trained per year
  • 6 physicians per year will begin a three year family medicine residency training program
  • The current staffing model provides 4 physicians and 6 nurses per 24 hours. The goal of the program is to increase the staffing to 10 physicians and 20 nurses per 24 hours.