The Abundance Foundation strives to empower the communities it works with by training leaders, improving safety and providing tools for building stability and greater sustainability. We believe that women and youth are disproportionately impacted by war, natural disasters, economic disadvantage and violence. By partnering with organizations who focus on supporting women and youth to create conditions under which they can thrive, the Abundance Foundation helps to create lasting positive change.

Where we Work


Haiti Adolescent Girls Network

The Haiti Adolescent Girls Network empowers the most vulnerable of Haitian girls, ages 10-19, in ...

Digital Democracy

Digital Democracy (Dd) empowers marginalized communities to use technology to build their futures. ...

Fonkoze/American Jewish World Service

Fonkoze is Haiti’s “alternative bank for the organized poor”, working to promote democracy in ...

Violence Reduction Agents in Port-Au-Prince IDP Camp

After the Haitian earthquake of 2012, Abundance Fellow Dr. Louise Ivers and Partners In Health/ ...