Harvard Fund for Social and Ecological Justice

Abundance Foundation has partnered with leaders of the Lancet Commission for Reparations and Redistributive Justice in order to advance targeted efforts to promote human rights and structural change in support of environmental and social justice. 

The Lancet Commission for Reparations and Redistributive Justice explores and supports the moral, legal, economic, historical, and political evidence for global claims to reparations and redistributive justice, including those for Native Americans and Black Americans seeking racial justice. It brings together scholars and activists from around the world to explore how to implement reparations programs and offers recommendations to policymakers and peer experts around the world.

Abundance granted $50,000 to establish the Harvard Fund for Social and Ecological Justice to ensure the completion of the Lancet Commission, and to support the important work that will grow out of its publication.If you’d like to learn more about how to support these efforts at Harvard, please reach out to Emily Bahnsen at Emily_Bahnsen@hms.harvard.edu.

In collaboration with the Harvard fund, Abundance Foundation is working to build bridges between the academic and activist threads of this work. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us at rrj@abundance.org.

Blog Posts

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