Congrats to Global Pediatric Alliance on their grant from New England International Donors

Abundance Foundation recently joined New England International Donors (NEID), a peer-to-peer learning network of global philanthropists based mostly in the United States. For over 10 years, NEID has been creating community among internationally-focused donors across New England, and is currently expanding beyond the region. NEID’s mission is to convene and empower donors to help address the world’s big problems. 

Foundation staff participated in NEID’s “Giving Circle on Global Philanthropy: A Lever for Racial Justice,” through June 2021:

This Giving Circle will explore various ways in which donors can become more intentional on issues of race, justice, and inequality in their global giving practices including among other things finding ways to better understand local dynamics of power and inequality; becoming more proximal to the issues they seek to support and developing local partnerships and authentic relationships of trust to ensure sustainable impact.

Abundance Foundation nominated Global Pediatric Alliance (GPA) as a recipient of the Giving Circle funds.

As part of the nomination process, Abundance Foundation President Stephen Kahn conducted an interview and presentation highlighting GPA’s important work, with Abundance Foundation board member Scott Cohen also participating. Video of the interview can be found here.

Recognized for their powerful work in support of indigenous midwives, women, and children, the giving circle selected GPA for a $10,000 grant, a decision that was made using criteria refined for grant making through a racial justice lens.

We are proud of GPA for their meaningful work in the world and congratulate them on receiving the Giving Circle funds!

The Abundance Foundation has been proud to support Global Pediatric Alliance since 2013, both through Stephen Kahn’s participation on GPA’s board of trustees. We have supported GPA to become an independent 501c3, and through direct grants supporting GPA’s Community-designed Small Grants Program that empowers community leaders to define their own priorities and develop the leadership to implement a wide range of programs.

GPA’s program goes beyond grantmaking. GPA is committed to building long-term partnerships with communities committed to quality child and maternal health; communities that recognize the essential link between individual health and community well-being and prosperity, and have the capacity to be agents of change. Through regular communication and site visits, GPA deepens their knowledge of the history, challenges, and successes of each community. GPA’s goal is to support grassroots leaders to expand their skills, generate new ideas, and turn the best ideas into future projects.