Mohamed Bailor Barrie: MMSc-GHD Student and Health Leader

Abundance Foundation is proud to support Mohamed Bailor Barrie, a Fulbright Fellow and student in Harvard Medical School’s Masters of Global Health Delivery program. Barrie founded the Wellbody Alliance Clinic in his native Sierra Leone, and is currently coordinating an emergency response to the recent Ebola outbreak there. Barrie_570 When asked about his goals, he says: “My long term vision is to return to Sierra Leone after graduating from Harvard and be a true driver of change in my country’s healthcare system. With the incredible mentorship I will receive at Harvard, in addition to the credentials and professional skills I will acquire, I believe I will be more knowledgeable, respected and empowered to make this vision a reality … I would not have been able to attend this program without the generous support of the Abundance Foundation for my education.” Read more about Barrie and his work in a recent article published by the Harvard Gazette.