Why Abundance Foundation?



We’re nimble and offer unique access to a network of amazing partners. Abundance Foundation has established relationships of trust with both grassroots leaders on the front lines of change, and visionaries in some of the most respected institutions in the world. We help organizations develop innovative partnerships that yield results neither could have achieved on their own. In addition, the Foundation has the ability to be agile and responsive in ways that large organizations often cannot. These strengths combined allow us to be uniquely effective in our work.

We provide our partners with high quality professional consultation and support. Abundance Foundation has the capacity to provide legal and technical support to help small nonprofits with intellectual property issues, development of financial and accounting capacity, and designing fund raising programs. The Foundation regularly provides such support to existing partners.

Additionally, Abundance Foundation is a 501(c)(3) public charity, which enables it to receive funds from private foundations, donor advised funds and individuals for international projects that may be difficult to fund.

We invest when and where others don’t. Abundance Foundation is positioned as a catalytic funder. We like to come into a project early, identify strong leaders, and provide first funding so that the project can test its concept and grow its programs to attract additional support. We take risks that other funders may avoid, and are not afraid of learning in collaboration with our partners.

Emily Jacobi, Executive Director of Digital Democracy, shares why partnering with Abundance Foundation was crucial to their work building mapping tools with indigenous communities working to secure land rights so that their environment can be protected for future generations. 

“Thanks to your support, we first tested the prototype for this tool on our trip to Chiapas. That early experiment showed us that easier offline mapping was possible, and we continued to test and iterate. Now, the tool is being used by 3 different Nationalities in Ecuador, and has been used to map over 200,000 hectares of territory, hundreds of paths and rivers, and thousands of points including sacred sites, animals and birds, medicinal plants and all. Most importantly, the tool is running offline on our partners’ computers, and they’re able to control and manage all this information themselves – even (and especially) when we’re not there.”

Following our initial early grant, the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation stepped in with a substantial investment to enable the work to expand.

According to Chief Abundance Partner Corrado Cancedda, M.D. Ph.D., “The Abundance Foundation gave me the freedom to dare, be creative, think, and most importantly, act outside the box to change the status quo and to focus on being a change agent in Rwanda and Sierra Leone.”

Interested in partnering? Reach out at partner@abundance.org.