Chapter 510

Chapter 510 provides in-school tutoring, creative writing workshops, and publishing opportunities for K-12 students in Oakland.

Chapter 510 shares a vision for Oakland as a place where our youth and their perspectives are visible and our teachers are honored and supported.

The project was founded by a group of Oakland residents who, inspired by 826 Valencia, wanted to create Oakland’s own literacy project focused on supporting teachers and developing creative and expository writing skills for students.

Existing 826 centers offer a variety of inventive programs that provide under-resourced students, ages 6-18, with opportunities to explore their creativity and improve their writing skills. 826 helps teachers get their classes excited about writing. Its programs are completely free for all students and steeped in the simple idea that celebrating creativity is key to the educational process and to engaging youth. Ultimately, as public schools continue to cut back or eliminate arts programs, this model offers a sustainable way to supplement threatened and under-resourced arts education programming for low-income young people in urban areas.

Like the chapters of 826 National, Chapter 510 is a volunteer-powered organization that recognizes young people’s ability to communicate powerfully through words and print.

In the next two years, Chapter 510 will open a writing center, retail and community space: a dynamic resource for all students, families, teachers and volunteers.

Abundance Foundation is proud to be a founding donor and partner in this endeavor.

To learn more about this important work,  please watch the video below, featuring Janet Heller, Director of Chapter 510.

Recent publications

Chapter 510 has published a collection of children’s poems written by K-3 students who participated in Chapter 510 programs from 2012-2015. All poems in this anthology are published in both English and Spanish.

In this magical anthology, children write about the Harlem Renaissance, the powers of yeast, and the ways to catch a cloud and pin it down.

Chinaka Hodge, who contributes to the book’s foreword, says these students “are like the inhabitants of Oakland. They’re fearless, hilarious, subtle, probing, surprising and deft. They’re amazing. I can’t wait until they rule the world.”

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Blog Posts

Chapter 510 Launches IndieGoGo Campaign

Abundance Foundation is proud to be a founding donor for Chapter 510, an Oakland, CA-based writing and literacy project that serves as a place where youth and their perspectives are visible, and where teachers are honored and supported. In order to continue this tremendous work, Chapter 510 has launched an IndieGoGo campaign to support the next phase of the project and to sustain them as they move into their new home in Oakland's Koreatown-Northgate neighborhood. From the campaign: "This September, over ...