United Roots

United Roots has created the first arts and multimedia center dedicated to both ecological awareness, as well as artistic and professional development for youth at the margins in Oakland and the greater San Francisco Bay Area. The Center provides programs in music, video, theater, dance, visual arts, leadership, eco-arts, and healing arts. By working in coalition with several non-profit partners to offer media arts and green job readiness training with wraparound services, the Center prepares youth for jobs in the entertainment or green industries.

The Center features four soundproofed media and recording studios, offices, a dance studio, a secured reception area and a spacious central area for our mobile computer lab. The Center is dedicated to harnessing the power of art and creative expression to promote healing, personal and community empowerment, and a pathway out of a life of violence and jail. Many youth leaders who have participated in the Center are peacemakers that become spokespeople for social justice movements.

United Roots works with marginalized youth in socially innovative ways. The Center offers leadership, arts, and media programs that engage issues of social change aligned with green environmental justice movements and movements addressing the digital divide.