Global Health Delivery Project

Harvard’s Better Evidence Project at Ariadne Labs (formerly known as the Global Health Delivery Project) aims to improve health among disadvantaged populations worldwide by systematizing the study of global health delivery and rapidly disseminating knowledge to practitioners through a range of coordinated initiatives.

The Abundance Project for Global Health supports the distribution of free UpToDate licenses to clinicians in resource-poor countries, and with these donated licenses an estimated 6900 clinicians and their colleagues use UpToDate in 120 countries, providing care for over 8 million patients yearly. This program ensures that these clinicians can access essential knowledge exactly where and when they need it.


For more information on the the Better Evidence Project — formerly known as the Global Health Delivery Project — please watch this short video featuring Rebecca Weintraub explaining the importance of this work and the role that Abundance has played in its success.

Rebecca Weintraub: Global Health Delivery Project from Abundance Foundation on Vimeo.

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